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blue2 24-03-2018 07:01 PM

Drilling a Damascus blank.
Hi, I have a Damascus blank, I need to drill holes for pins and to lighten the handle, I have bought some Cobalt bits and the first hole drilled easily, The drill then was blunt. Should I, Take the temper out the handle where I want to drill, Buy a new drill for each hole!! or something else. Thanks in advance. (p.s I am using cutting oil)

peterbermingham 25-03-2018 04:21 PM

I take it you have bought a finished blade blank you want to modified if you go at it with heat your going to ruin it, taking the temper out is not what you do annealing the steel is what you need to do to soften it so if you anneal it then drill it you have to heat treat the blade again. See your blade is at the hardened and tempered stage your best option would to bring it to a tool maker and get them to drill it. You could keep at it the way your going just keep using new bits or sharpen them, is their loads of smoke and loud screaming when your drilling and make sure to keep the blade cool

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