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Tom 06-08-2010 10:03 AM

Editing/cancelling auction
I've been asked about editing and/or cancelling auctions.

I've had a look and it seems that once you have an auction up, you can edit the description only. So, if you want to add additional photos to your auction, the only thing I can suggest is going along the route of adding the thumbnail code (from photobucket for eg) into the description.

Remember to check that you're prices are correct before starting your auction (It automatically rounds down to the nearest whole number). And, if set to "Bid", the bid increment to what you want it to be, I think its set at 1.00

Also ending/cancelling the auction before its end time. At the minute I don't think you can do this. I'm trawling through over 100 pages to find answers but, nothing's been mentioned yet :rolleyes:

I can delete auctions in the admin panel but, that's it. I don't seem to be able to edit anything.

If you have your item advertised on other forums too, all I can suggest for now is:
State clearly in your description that you have the item advertised elsewhere and you reserve the right to withdraw it from auction at any time. And, use the "Buy it now" option only. Don't use the "Bid" option.

If you are doing the above and have sold elsewhere, it looks like you'll have to pm me so that I can delete the auction. Once deleted though, its gone for good. If I'm not online and its sold elsewhere, you'll just have to edit the description by deleting everything and typing SOLD in big letters :D

You have to remember that its still a beta software, I don't know what any future plans are as I'm only on page 80 :eek: :lol2: I still reckon its ace though :thumbsup:

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