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Woodcutter 22-12-2018 08:38 AM

Reply to Bernie's 'Visit'
Hi Bernie,

We are unable to answer your thread where it is, only mods with admin access I guess.
From the 135 or so views so far it seems a few folks are swinging by. I look in occasionally and see not a lot and drift on again.
I do miss the place so to speak, there was a down to earth honesty about the place where folks helped each other out with making techniques, critiques (polite and helpful) and praise for their endeavours. A bit of 'plain speak' banter was good fun too.

Dont know about others but we suddenly had a lot of crap to deal with when living in France as the financial crisis fallout crept on us around 2010/11 so I know my time here was curtailed while we moved back here and gradually started at the bottom again.

How about other folks?


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