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You might notice in the pics that I tapered my liner lock (the titanium lock), the reason for it is thus:

In the pic you can see the problem and how different makers get around it. Basically the problem is that because the ball protrudes into the cavity that the blade will close into, it needs to be able to move out of the way. If it didn't the blade would jam after about 1/5 of the closing arc.

Image A shows a pocket that's been cut into the handle material to allow the lock to travel out of the way. Great way of doing it but you need access to a mill.
Image B shows basically what I did in this tutorial. By tapering the lock it gives it just enough space to allow the blade to move - if you have a grinder you can do this.
Image C shows a framelock - no handle material to block the travel of the lock so nothing extra needed -easy peasy!

If you do use thicker titanium and need to cut a softening area, the jury's out on whether it's better inside or out. I cut from the outside on my framelocks so that it won't form a blade-like section on the handle where the chamfer and cutout meet.
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