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Originally Posted by a6cjn View Post
Excellent tutorial Geoff and the last pic really shows the high standard that can be achieved.
A couple of things I do which might help,
I started with a permanent marker but I found engineers layout fluid (or engineer's blue as I call it) better.
For marking out, I use a vernier but I also have some strips of steel, at 3,4,5 and 6mm wide which I find a little easier for marking out my spacings.
I'm sure this tutorial will be a great help to folk Geoff, well done mate.

i also have vernier and a vernier hight guage for mark out i use a granite floor tile as a surface plate
you can make scribe blocks out of scrap 01 to give vaious hights to mark edge center lines and ie grind a chisel edge on a bit of 4mm and harden you have a 4mm hight scribe etc you can even grind both edges to give various hights
I mostly use them to mark taper lines to grind to on tangs and blades
but saves having a vernier etc

supurb how to BTW with proper detail and tips etc


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