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That's a clever design that's for sure.

Always keep in mind that much of UK law is made on a case by case basis, setting legal precedents that can only be challenged in higher courts. Years ago a folding knife which locked would have been carried by many of us, happy in the knowledge that we were complying with the law and not required to show good reason to have the item on our person. Or so we thought.

Interpretation by the courts deemed the locking knife to be a fixed blade for the purposes of section 139 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988. Harris v DPP 1992 (not helped by the defendant agreeing with the arresting officer that he was carrying it for defence which in and of itself can make any item an 'offensive weapon'). Also Fehmi v DPP 1991, upheld again Regina v Desmond Garcia Degan 1998 They could conceivably do the same with your design.

I personally err on the side of caution as if you do get arrested and they decide to push for prosecution, any tough talk where we all say we would set the officer straight or rely on their common sense will count for nought.

As many of us have jobs and no doubt other interests such as shooting, we would have much to loose from a relatively minor prosecution. Unlike the scum who do carry such items with the intention to rob/threaten/injure, the slap on the wrists they receive will make no real difference to them and will certainly not stop them. A sad and frustrating fact.
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