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welcome back my friend, I still have the first Bailey Grommet knife you guys sold

Originally Posted by manxnorton View Post
Hi all,
Been a few years since I was able to make a knife, let alone function!
At the mo...I can't free hand grind..due to loss of my left hand..
The hand small grips but that's all.
Thinking if I can put i knife secure into a jig..pass it along the grinding table might get away with the profile I like!!
Hope this makes sence!!
There a lot out there homemade..but my DIY ABILITIES Are poor lol
I had a rude contraction made of a hinge set up but needed it to be better.
The grinder is a vertical grinder and the table can adjusted for what ever angle needed.
Hoping some good ideas come out lol
PM me for my email if possible, be chuffed of plans etc.
If I can't DIY it, Ian Bailey is a dab hand with the milling machine and his metal lathe...
My me down but ready to get back into it!!
Going to weird tbh!
But Ian's been my mentor for all these years so he chuffed I'm going to make a start..
Later all
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