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Hi mike
I'm getting there slowly..never moan :-)
My right had full function..the left one has slow robotic movements with about 20% movement. The grips is slight but doesn't last long.
It's hard to explain, if I was in the workshop I'd able to handle a blade to the grinder (not running of course) to gauge it.
Reckon if the table rest is big nuff, and I have the blade in a jig I could use the good hand and see what duff hand can do with the movement left n right.
Of course I could go with the old file method on a vice..using the angle to file the bevel.
Using the right hand no probs!
Be a long time...but we done it before back in the day!
At least I'm ok with getting the profile up to the standard...
Adaption with what I've got is the answer..everything possible
To be honest taking the duff hand with minute movements (about 5% fingers and move the hand) 7 days a week exercising to what now can only be describe at up to 50% use in a good cold and exercised the joints lol.
Reckon ian would fine the answer...
Looking fwd to start again lol
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