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How do'
Quite embarrassed to see quite how long ago I started these, but hey ho. Between work, two kids, getting our first puppy in May and a spot of summer fishing I been a busy boy!!

Anyway, I finished putting the initial grinds on all of these and have been giving the flats a 240 grit finish before heat treat. What I'm wondering at the moment is...

Do I bother taking the bevels from 100 grit grinding marks to the 240 or higher? I planned on a little more grinding after ht to reduce the secondary bevel anyway so is there any risk of stress risers etc from leaving the bevels at 100 grit for ht?

Also, opinions please: do you guys normally hand finish the bevels as well as the flats or just leave them with the belt finish? I only have belts to around 200 grit and can't really afford any new ones atm but when I sand the bevels (using a bit of 4mm o1 GFS as a block) I still tend to spoil my nice crisp transition lines.

Hope you're all keeping well.
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