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Now that the parts are dovetailed, I use a clamp to set where the bolster will end, the metal faces are parallel so both sides will be the same and give a super accurate look. Dead simple to make, took me about half an hour but it’s worth its weight in gold

I then clamp one of the bolsters to the liner with the blade edge of the dovetail pressed right up against it.

Drill through the screw holes. I plan to have a hidden pivot pin on this knife so I only drill a short way into the titanium through the pivot hole. Once you drill one side, flip it over and do the other bolster.

Here are the bolsters, you can see the half depth hole in line with the pivot, I’ll size this up later to accommodate the pivot head.

I then tap the bolster screw holes and screw the bolsters onto the liners. You’re now ready to drill the handle material.
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