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Next I enlarged the hole to accommodate the pivot head, I did this by sharpening a drillbit the same size as the pivot head to a flat angle.

Here’s how it fits – you want it to drop just under the surface of the bolster material.

Now that there’s space for the pivot, you can radius the handle material. Here’s the rough shape, you can see how the dovetail creates a curved join between the bolster and the micarta.

Both sides domed and polished up to 1200 grit.

Next I cut the lock. I covered this in how I make my framelocks but I’ll go over it here to be concise.
I drill two holes at locations where I want the long cut to start and end. I like using holes as when you join up the two cuts that free the lock, it just comes out neater. I scribe two lines between the holes as a guide so I can line up the cutting disc. I clamp the lock-side liner in my drill vice and use a Dremmel cut-off wheel (0.8mm thick), spinning at full speed to cut through the titanium.

Here you can see the long cut, it causes a pretty sharp burr on the opposite side so be careful.

Do the short cut the same way.
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