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Now we can grind the blade (some makers do all their grinding post-hardening, I like to get a bit done before hardening, just personal choice here - do what you're comfortable with).

Technically you should be able to grind before leaping into folders, but I know I'm the impatient type so:
Grinding stages:
A: edge marked
B: grinding down to the edge at a coarse angle - this will mean your grit won't be hitting a perpendicular face and dulling your belt faster than necessary
C: Full hollow grind - the rough grind you did previously makes this easy to see and work down to. I only grind about 90% so you still want to see a little of the coarse angle.

Coarse angle:

From the edge:

Pre-hardening grind. I still need to crisp up the line and raise it a little but it's a good start, not much to fix. Note the thin silver line along the edge - that's what's left of the coarse angle I ground on earlier:
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