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Time to switch on the kiln! THIS was one of my best investments, not only does doing my own heat treat appeal to the OCD voice in my head but I can harden a blade up on a Friday night - might be a bit of a nerd.... oh well.

Green number is the kiln's current temperature, the red number is the target temperature. Little red ligh shows the elements are on

While the kiln is pre-heating I make a stainless steel foil packet - this stuff will cut you faster than anything I know - like a paper-cut on steroids I fold an over-sized piece in half then close up the long side first. I do two folds to make it airtight and tap the seam with a rubber mallet to make sure it's tight.

Now one of the ends, again, double folded:

Clean the blade with alcohol before placing in the packet:

Press out as much air as possible (it'll oxidize if you don't, this way the blade comes out a frosted grey that's very easy to polish)

The blade steel I'm using is RWL-34 so I heat to 1050*C and hold for 10 minutes, I then quench between two chilled steel plates (no photos - not enough hands!). As I type this it's chilling in liquid nitrogen overnight and I'll do the first tempering cycle (1 hour at 180*C) in the morning. I'll follow it with 4 more hours in the liquid nitrogen and another tempering cycle.
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