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Default Auction pointers - please read

Please be aware that you need to have posted ten (10) quality posts before you will be able to post in this area.

UKBF Auction

Now that the auction is up and running I thought it best we gave it its own area where we can discuss any relevant matters

Posting items for sale

  • There's no option for a time line regarding payments. I think it would be best that, at the bottom of your description, you include "Payment to be made in x amount of time". You know, just like evilbay . Its up to you lot but, I just think it covers it so that people can't drag it on for weeks before making a payment.
  • It appears that the software only deals with whole figures and will round down eg when putting in the postage costs, 1.75 will round down to 1.00. Same with your bid or buy it now price - 17.99 will round down to 17.00. So, you'll have to round off to the nearest whole amount.
  • I'm pretty certain that when you have sold or won an item, you are supposed to get a notification by pm. Either that or its by email. As its only registered members that can sell/bid, if it is an email notification it will go to the one you have registered here. ***Can someone let me know when this happens, so I know what's what? *** I read somewhere that the automated notification from the seller includes their address which, is a bit daft as the buyer doesn't need the sellers address. If this is the case, I'll have to change the notifications
  • Its set that you can have up to 3 thumbnails per row. I don't know what the maximum amount is for total thumbnails
  • Its automatically set so that the maximum picture size is 2400000 bytes. Can people please keep the uploaded pics to around 600 x 450 or whatever the nearest size is. I'm not sure if these will eat into the forum's disc space. If you have a photobucket account, you can copy and paste the code for thumbnails into your description area. That way you still get pop up thumbnails without it using up any disc space. Sorry, I don't know about other photo hosting sites.

That's all I can think of for now.

I'm going to keep this thread as a sticky and will edit, adding any info as we go along. I'm also keeping it locked as this will just be a sort of factual thread. Please start a new thread with any questions/queries etc saves a lot of confused trawling that way

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