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Old 25-03-2015, 10:19 PM
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Default My Knives, from the 70s

As the title says, these are knives I have bought, back in the 70s.
They were used while hunting & my years in the army.
Now they are on my boat, having sailed around with me, since the 90s.
The thing is, my boat is in the Canaries, and with the current UK paranoia around knives, I don't know if they would just be confiscated, by over zealous customs & police, if i try to bring them back into the UK, by hold luggage.

The 2 Morseth knives, were made for me, by AG Russell in 72 or 73.
I am not really bothered about selling them.
However, the Gerber mk 2, has not been used much, and I would sell that, once I find out what a reasonable price is.
Also, I have a Puma Waidblatt with Nicker, the silver inlay is not engraved, but the steel in the handles is somewhat tarnished, due to years of sailing, to & from the Caribbean.
I still have the wooden box, but, the skimpy latches & hinges disappeared years ago, as did the green foam inlay, however, the blades have always been greased, so they are in perfect condition.
( obviously, on a boat, I couldn't grease the handles )
A perfect Waidblatt set goes for around 1000 Euros.

Any help, on bringing them back to the UK, & info on valuation, would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in Advance
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Old 26-03-2015, 09:51 AM
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First of welcome. Ring customs and tell them your story and see what they say you might be able to get some sort of a clearance cert if you say their part of your collection and are off more sentimental value. I think as long as they know where the knife is and who has it and its and its part of a collection. You just might get them in. I know in Ireland you can get big knifes in that way but they do have to be in a collection and they document them well if your caught with it outside you would be in a world of trouble.
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Old 26-03-2015, 12:16 PM
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None of the knives pictured above are illegal to bring into the UK or are liable for Import Duty or VAT as The Canary Islands are part of Spain and deemed to be within the EU but it's worth taking Peter's advice in order to avoid any confusion.
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Old 26-03-2015, 08:23 PM
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Thanks for the responses.
No doubt you are all aware of the case, where an 80 yr old man, was stopped by a traffic Drink Drive stop.
The old guy had not been drinking, and the test came up Negative.
So the police decided to use the section 44 or whatever, and searched his car.
They found a Leatherman tool, in its case, in the glove compartment.
According to the newspapers, the old guy was coerced into pleading guilty, of being in possession of an offensive weapon.
And supposedly the judge went along with it.
I never saw any appeal on that.
So, yes , I did do a lot of googling, before joining & posting here.
Anyway, As you mention Collection, do I need to apply for a collectors licence, before talking to Customs & Police ?
PS, All those knives, were in England, on my boat, for years, going to & from the Caribbean, so its not as if I am bringing them to the UK, for the first time. Its just that in the meantime, Police & Customs Powers, apart from having changed immensely, seem to be applied somewhat arbitrarily.

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Old 24-02-2016, 08:41 PM
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If I want to bring these knives into the UK to sell.
Do I have to have a UK collector licence or whatever ?
I do not want to run the risk of bringing these knives, by plane, to the UK, if some over zealous police officer thinks he has caught Bin Laden 2, and confiscates & destroys the lot.
Would it be better if I wait for the : in / out vote ?
My boat is currently in the Canary Islands, not exactly a great place to sell from, due to postage.
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