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Old 05-10-2009, 08:07 PM
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Default How to do filework

Ive been asked by a few people to do a filework tutorial, when i first started playing with files there wasnt much info on the subject,and the info i found was very vague, so hopfully this might put a few of you on the right path.
If your not sure of your ability it would be a good idea to try this out on some scrap mild steel, or if you can get some, 3 or 4mm ali is even better.
This design is my own and its called horseshoe, youll need a few basic tools to get you going

1 a 6mm round chainsaw file
2 set square
3 scribe
4 4mm round file
5 3mm round file
6 needle file (blade shape)
7 vernier
8 black permanent marker
9 center punch
10 ajustable square

The first thing to do is get the spine nice and flat, i do this with 400 wet/dry paper

Then i use some tape to mark where the handle ends

With the knife in the vise, i use a permanent marker on the spine

Next i use a vernier to scribe a line 5mm from the handle

Now using the set square i scribe a line across the top of the spine

Now set the vernier at 10mm, and from the first line,mark of in 10mm increments, you should now have a spine that looks like this

Ignoring the first scribe line, use the blade shaped needle file, and mark the blade with small nicks, like this (one side of blade only )

It should look like this

Re set the vernier to 5mm,and scribe lines in the center of the nicks, like this

Now using the blade file, mark the 5mm lines(other side of the blade) so it looks like this

Now set the vernier to 1mm and run it along the top of the spine to achieve a line like this

Re set the vernier to 1.5mm, this time wipe the vernier along the side of the blade to get a depth line like this

Repeat this on the other side of the blade so you will end up with 2 lines on the top of the spine, and one on each side.
Start to open up the small nicks with the 3mm file,then open the 3mm nicks with the 4mm, youll notice that im filing to the line on the other side of the knife, but leave a small gap like this

Now use the 6mm file to open them up like this

Next, using an ajustable set square or a steady hand,scribe a line through the center of the arches, like this

Using the blade file,cut along the scribed line, but dont go over the center of the spine

When you have done both sides it should look like this

Using a center punch, add the dots like this

Now clean everything up , i start with 400 wet and dry, till i get through the grades all the way to 1500, wrap the w&d around a small rod to get in to the arches

Once you have everything at the 1500 stage and your happy with it, get the small mop on the dremmel and it should look something like this

If you have any questions or you dont understand certain parts, you know where i am get filing

We all know the way, but few actually walk it
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