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Old 19-09-2014, 09:21 AM
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Default cheapskate corby bolts?

Continuing my quest of spending as little as possible and using odds and ends I have lying around, I was thinking of making my own by putting 2 or 3 normal nuts on a bolt chucked in the drill and filing them round.

Has anyone tried or seen it done, or foresee any problems?

I'm hoping that I just figured out how to replicate some fairly expensive components (to me anyway) with much cheaper and readily available ones - plus I like the whole sole authorship thing so another part that I 'make' myself is worth the extra effort.
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Old 19-09-2014, 11:41 AM
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I've seen it done on youtube works very well
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Old 13-11-2014, 11:18 PM
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I have been experimenting with what I call Kettering Bolts.

It is simply 2 short lengths of 6mm bar with 3mm holes drilled in the centre and a length of 3mm rod of the same material.

You prepare the holes as per corby bolts with the 3mm rod going right through and the 6mm pieces in the counterbores. peen the rod both ends and grind flush.

It has worked well on a couple or rough samples but I havent tried on a knife just yet.
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Old 18-11-2014, 10:50 AM
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So effectively peening a bar over really thick washers, like your thinking

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