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Old 13-12-2013, 04:52 PM
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Default peening shapes

Hey up lads
Im about to fit the butt plate to finish my scandi style first knife and need the benefit of your collective experience.

The butt plate is quarter inch brass and my tang is rectangular cross-section about 3.5 x 6mm. I need to know if its better to:

A - file the tang circular then adapt a drill bit to countersink so I get a round tang- end showing
B - fit the butt like the guard and just file a bit of a chamfer in to peen to.

I've also read conflicting advice on how much tang to leave on for peening. Any tips for that? (I'll be grinding flat and polishing afterward)

One more thing. I'll be sticking it on with expoxy as well. Should I let it cure beforehand or just peen while wet?

Sorry for the stack of questions. I just don't want to cock up now after so much time invested as its planned to be a Christmas gift.
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