How to fill filework
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Following on from the how to do filework thread, this is how i fill filework when its around the handle of the knife .
Its worth noting that because today is a cold day i warmed up the blade with a hair dryer, not hot, just enough to get the damp out of the steel.Lets assume youve done the heat treat.

1 The first jop is to clean out the filework using the same files you did it with, you dont need a lot of pressure, all you are doing is cleaning of the scale untill the filework looks shiny, like this

2The next job is to stick clear tape on each side of the handle, make sure the tape is proud of the filework, 8mm ish like this

3 I use araldite precision, 2 matchsticks, ( one sharpend) and polyester pigment

4 Mix the epoxy in 2 equal amounts, and mix well, the 5 pence piece gives an idea of the amount

5 Now add a tiny amount of pigment, and i do mean tiny, check out the matchstick

6 When the pigment is mixed it looks more grey than black, but trust me it will dry black,

7 Now peel the tape back of the sides like this

8 Now using the pointed matchstick, spread the epoxy allover the top of the filework, try not to get any on the tape, poke the point of the stick into the nooks and crannies to get any unwanted air out

9 Wait a minute or 2 for the epoxy to run down the sides

10 Using a flat edge, work from the bottom upwards, im using a small steel rule

11 When youve done both sides it should look something like this, pinch the ends of the tape to stop the epoxy escaping

Let it stand for 24 hours and then flat it down, ill post the finished pics tomorrow when its dry