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Most people own or have owned an opinel knife at one stage, ive had one for a while but i only just discovering how great it is, bought it as a just a cheap backup knife for whichever fixed blade i a using at the time, the opinel is worthy of far more than just a backup.
knife type: folding lock knife
steel: high carbon (type unknown)
grind: full flat
handle: beech
legal EDC: only models 2345
size/weight: depends on the model.
My opinel has been reprofiled and had a lanyard added, i feel these are the only ways your could improve such a great design.


anyway how do they perform, well the blade is very thin on my no6, probably less than 2mm, it can easily be bent and returns true, which indicates a good temper.

the blade is full flat grind whch makes slicing through wood and meat effortless, mine has a 7cm blade and can slice through a branch over an inch in diameter in one cut, the edge of these knives s unforgiving as i frequently cut myself on it when not handling it properly, so it is very very sharp.

the knife holds takes and holds a better edge than a carbon clipper, however the thin edge is easily prone to warping, easily corrected by sharpening which also is very easy.

the handle is well shaped and ergonimic, while not quite as fancy or nice to hold as a custom knife it sure does the job better than alot of other folding knives on the market.

The knife is also surprisingly strong, other production folding knives for twice the price can develop a wobbly blade after prelonged use, the opinels blade is still as strong as ever after heavy use.

the lock is simple and effective, however can be tricky with wet or cold hands. another shortcoming is that the opinels blade can easily become stuck ether open or closed if it becomes wet or to dirty.

The blade shape is of a clip point, i dont like this as i belive it makes an already thin blade even weaker, but it does make dressing game alot easyer.

ratings 0-5:
cutting ability: *****
Edge holding: ****
handle design: ***
Blade shape: ***
Weight: ****
Ease of modification: *****
Robustness: ***
Value for money: *****

overall verdict:

For under £10 opinels are bl**dy brilliant, you get a realy sharp blade, a nice wooden handle, a proven design and amazing utility for an amazing price. you always hear people saying these are like the folding moras, personaly i think there better.
the few shortcomings are fericely destroyed by the many positives. and even if they do get damaged or broken, there about £6, at that price you dont even have to sharpen them.