Wood Jewel Puukko
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Hi there guys,
im now going to reveiw a knife that i bought in january earlier this year to replace my mora, the knife cost around £40. in my opinion the knife is worth much much more.

the handle is made from a beautifuly grained peice of curly birch, leather, birch bark and reindeer antler. the handle not only looks great but it also fits nicley in your hand, feels smooth and gives great grip in various positions. the blade is a 3mm lauri high carbon steel blade of 7.7cm with a brilliant high grind which provides great slicing ability, i also added a small microbevel because it prevents damage when doing game prep. the blade is has an unpolished "forge finish" which adds a little protection from corrosion to the RAZOR sharp blade.

so lets talk performance, here are some pics taken out in the garden earlier.

first up,

Slicing and carving:

with its incredibly sharp high carbon steel blade and high scandi grind, cutting through most things E.g. Wood, flesh and bone very easy and the micro bevel adds that little bit of extra strength to help the edge stand up to the rigours of bushcraft. the wide blade shape also helps for slicing, its a very usable shape of blade being able to do anything from splitting to fine carving, the tip is also very usable for cutting notches and skinning bunnies.

as you can see the blade slices through easily, like a lightsaber through butter.

now lets take a look at,


some people state that stick tangs are not up to battoning however we forget that throughout history all the big chopping blades, swords, billhooks, cleavers ect, were of stick tang construction. i beleive dave budd did a test between a stick tang knife and a full tang, the results were very similar.
your more likley to have your blade fail on you than your tang but with 3-5mm you should be fine.
anyway, this knife was great at battoning, no problems what-so-ever,
the 3.5mm spine was perfectly fine for splitting the wood, again i was glad of the microbevel adding strength to the edge whilst battoning.
and after all this work it could still shave paper


so ratings,

Edge retention-
blade shape-

all in all this is a great knife, it looks great for a working knife, its extreamly sharp and stays that way for a long time, its very versitle with a amazing slicing ablity.
to be honest i would be surprised if it wasnt great as the people of finland have used this design for hundreds of years, if there were any problems with it, it wouldnt be here now.
puukkos are brilliant