How to tie a simple knot for lanyards
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This is dead easy and a nice knot too. It allows both cords to come out of the knot travelling in their original direction so there aren't any strings hanging out all over the place. I suggest the best way to finish off lanyards is to apply superglue to the area you want to cut on the cordage, let it dry and then cut through the glued string. The glue makes the cordage stronger and less likely to fray, it is better than heating cordage to seal the ends.

I have shown the knot with two different coloured strings to make life easy, but bear in mind that all this knot is is two thumb knots interlinked. I tend to make the first loop and then take the other cord around the back and form the second loop.

This in itself is a knot, but to make the one we want, push the two running ends through the loops again and then they will each form an overhand knot and they will be interlinked.

By carefully drawing the knot up and tightening it slowly, you will get a neat little knot with two strands poking out of the top.

If I get time later, I'll do a quick video as I think it may be easy to follow. Hope that helps!

Edit: Video added, enjoy! :biggrin: