Smith & Wesson Homeland Security
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Howdy folks!
Just got this, thought I'd do a tabletop review since it's not really a bush knife and I'm not in the line of work where I would use a tactical folder very often... Bought from Heinnies for £17.95, excellent service as always!

  In box. Heinnie delivered in a larger box with styrofoam peanuts. This is a heavy knife!

There we go! The handle is aluminium I believe, certainly feels it. not sure what it's coated with. The handle's a good shape, it's not comfortable like a woodworking knife is, but as far as tactical goes I have no complaints. The checked section is also aluminium, but the points are rounded so it doesn't dig into your hand as some will. All the screws are torx.

As you can see, the blade is slightly off centre when folded - no big deal for me. The thumbstud is also ambidextrous. IMO, the clip is wrong but it works. The space between the scales is slightly larger than the thickness of the blade, because it has washers.

In all its monstrous glory The blade is titanium coated, apparently. Can't think why, given that the blade is stainless, but there you go. Good blade shape IMO.

Thats a bit odd innit? Looks like it was ground down after shaping and coating of the blade, can't say why or whether it's common or a one-off - locks up good and tight though, so I assume there was a mistake with one of the templates. I've tried folding it by force when locked and no luck, so it doesn't bother me.

With my dad's nam zippo and a pack of skins just to show the size. It's a big knife, the largest version of the Homeland Security.

I was surprised and pleased to see that it could whack up paper out of the box. It's not shaving sharp, but I didn't expect it to be!

Spring is a reasonable thickness, and it's a stiff spring, more so than any liner lock I've had.

Just to show the S&W logo on the screw - I thought it was a nice touch.

Just a selling point I reckon!

Now, the breakdown.

The good

  • Very solid
  • Locks tight
  • The blade stops before hitting the spacers
  • Spring-tension helps to hold the blade closed
  • Good blade shape
  • Reasonable steel, well heat treated
  • Ambidextrous thumb stud
  • Smooth opening
  • Good handle shape
  • All tough materials
  • Pocket clip is strong and springy

The bad

  • Pocket clip is just too small - it's really not big enough for use as a secure belt clip IMO.
  • Pocket clip is inverted - normally when I carry a locker, the locker is in my pocket and still clipped on. On this knife, the guard catches on things when you try to remove it when carried like that.
  • Thumb stud location is poor IMO, it's too close to the handle making it awkward to use - that combined with a rounded top means that your thumb can slip off it.
  • When carried on a belt, the point at the bottom of the handle digs in.

That's about it folks. It's a good knife IMO and well worth the purchase if you're into that sort of thing. If you're a security guard, soldier, police officer, etc, invest in a pouch for it and remove the clip altogether.

For the record - I intentionally avoided discussing the 'flipping' potential of the knife. For 100% safety from the wrath of the law, the pivot screw MAY need to be tightened so it can't be flipped open. I can't flip it open without the assistance of the guard that sticks out the back of the handle. Would still be an idea to tighten it up so you can't do that, if importing or using it outside your home.

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