This is where we stayed in coastal Tanzania for a few weeks, Robinson crusoe style!

It gets Very dark out here, no light pollution. we had kerosene lamps for general light....

....And power from the car battery going through an inverter to drive low wattage bulbs for cooking etc.

The sun goes down over the bush..

This chap came to visit most nights, he was after the beetles attracted to the lamps. It was quite something to watch him swoop and pluck them off the floor, then hang off the veranda rail and crunch them.

A shing model 2 performing the essential survival task of cutting up a lime for the life saving Gin and Tonics !

This is quite an interesting plant, the local name is 'Jadge', it's common English name is African orange or apple.

The seed pod is about the size of a small grapefruit, and the casing is as hard as hell, you need a panga to get into it.
The seeds are covered with a lemony/vanilla tasting flesh which is lovely and sweet and full of moisture, unfortunately the inside looks like dead monkey brains that have gone off.
Yes, I tried it......

just the thing if your lost in the bush with no water/food.

A watering hole near Ungituni, Kenya, about two hours before sunset, nobody home.......

......Until the big boys turn up for a swift 20 gallons....

with some calfs in tow.....

I was less than 50yds from these elephants, I could smell them they were that close. Anyway the sun started to go down and I buggered off because thats when the lions come to drink and they will happily eat tourists..

By the Usa river, Arusha, in northern Tanzania. Looking for pythons.

I nearly stepped on this little bloke, he was basking on the bank.
about three feet long maybe? I was told later the worst I would have got for stepping on him was a 'nip' ! however if it had been a 10-12 footer I'd have had my leg ripped off.... which was comforting...

This tree had fallen across the river a few nights previously, the ravine is about 30-40yds across.

Same tree from above on the bank, if you look closely theres a vervet monkey sitting in the middle, he couldn't hear me because of the water, soon legged it when the camera went off though...

This boys and girls is a bona fide leopard turd!

Found here on 'Leopard avenue' by the river. They hunt unfortunate vervet monkeys that come to the ground at dusk to pick up dropped seeds/fruit etc.

When I broke the spoor up, it was mainly vervet fur inside.
Needless to say, I didn't hang about here at night much.

this is Cerval spoor, another cat about the same height as a leopard, but nowhere near as muscular or nasty!
There were mainly seeds in this with a bit of dik-dik fur (a dwarf antelope)

The sun goes down to the right of Kilimanjaro, quite beautiful.

Your intrepid explorer, sat in the middle of nowhere in the bush, and bloody lovin' it !

Thanks for looking.