I am a dedicated hobbyist maker of knives for the hunter and sportsman. I make my knives to be used in the field and hate the thought of knives being kept in cupboards for display only. In line with my philosophy I try to sell my knives exclusively to sportsmen and women or people who actively hunt.

I used to work as a tool and cutter grinder in the aerospace industry and spent allot of time making my own tools. I used to keep working terriers and liked to get out into the field with them whenever I could. Now I look after my wife full time while she waits for a liver transplant. This means I have to be at home full time and I need a hobby to keep me sane. Although I am dedicated, it is still a hobby and I may have to stop working on projects without warning and for possibly long periods of time. For this reason I don't want it to become a business so I don't often take on commissioned pieces although I do keep a list of people who would like one of my knives. I try my best to please the people on my list and they are dealt with in order.


John Scruby


Heron model hunter in Pau Rosa
heron model hunter in Pau Rosa
Hunting Set in Magnolia
Hunting set in magnolia
Osprey Hunter in Denim
osprey hunter in denim
Commissioned hunter in Antler.
Commissioned hunter in antler