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Ive recently aquired a Hunter catapult from our very own fish, handcrafted in his workshop in wiltshire this is a bit of kit ive been curious about for quite some time. thought id do a little reveiw just to give those who have never used one an idea of what these things are capable of.

so first,


The Fish hunter catapult is constructed from laminated wood painted either brown or Green, this makes the catapult very durable yet lightweight. its pretty small aswell, much smaller and more compact than the more commonly seen catapult, the Barnett black widow. This makes it ideal to just carry around in a pocket when out on a walk, you will barley notice its there.
Despite its small size the handle is well shaped to aid a positive and strong grip when drawing back the bands. The Catapult is fitted with "two" theraband Gold slingshot bands, beleived to be the very best Bands a slingshot can have, they provide alot of power and a strong but managable pull. the shot pouch is quite small and crafted from leather, its strong, well fitted yet can be a little hard to get a strong hold on when your hands are numb due to the small size.

In practice/ Accuracy

A common mistake when people first use a slingshot is that they try to aim with it in order to aquire an accurate shot, infact, the best way to achive accuracy with a catty is to aim by instinct, this can only be aceived by hours of practice and effort, however when your skills are honed you will become Deadly accurate with the Catty and be able to make accurate quick shots at targets.
Ive been practicing with a few old cans and some slates and my skills still need a hell of a load of polishing before i go after small Game at suitable ranges.


The Photo above shows a Lead ball imbedded into a tree shot from around 15 metres, a true testiment to the power of this catty.

The Hunter Catapult is capable of Shooting .440 steel or lead balls at around 210FPS, this is around 27joules or 18ft/lbs of power, the legal limit of power for an air rifle is 12ft/lb and most of them fire at around 11ft/lb so its a hell of a lot of power to carry around in your pocket. The catty is capable of taking game up to goose size, rabbits and hares up to a range of around 100yards, it is however almost impossible to hit a target at that range with a catty so hunting ranges are limited to around 25yards. I myself have not yet attempted hunting with this catapult yet have seen many photos of small game taken with this wonderful bit of kit...

Good Points

Well made
Comfortable to hold
Extreamly powerful
Affordable alternative to an air rifle

Bad Points

Takes alot of time to master
The pouch can he hard to grip with cold/numb hands.

In conclusion the Fish hunter is a brilliant bit of kit, hours of can smashing fun and a brilliant tool for hunting in a pocket sized package, Highly Reccomended