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Howdy folks!
Not so much a review, just my first impressions, a bit of playing around and a few pics!

Here she is This was a special offer including 10 lead balls, already lost one when I took this pic

Included was this little instruction page which I thought was a nice touch!

Here's how the instructions say to hold it - I was skeptical when I first saw this method on Youtube, but it really is necessary to keep the cattie steady. Flicking the cattie down as you shoot it prevents the ball hitting your hand or the fork.

Windy outside and I was tired from work so just peppered a shoebox in the house Inside is a 4" thick bit of foam rubber:

Which lost

Bits of foam rubber were coming out the back before long. This was with the box against a wall - when it had nothing behind it, it was through-and-throughs.

I think they'll make a very nice pair

Right, so my thoughts:

The elastic is brilliant. Tougher to pull back than a lot of catties I've used, but still very doable. This does bring up a point that should be made though: the difference between a powerful cattie and a cattie with bands that are hard to pull back. It's effectively the same as it is with bows: if it takes 45lbs to draw the pouch/string back to its full length, it will apply 45lbs to the projectile when you release it - but the faster it applies that force, the 'faster' the bow or cattie is and the faster the projectile will travel (which means better accuracy and more energy on impact). Speed is as important as power, and this is a very fast cattie as well as a very powerful one. It really took me aback just how this thing shoots. This also gives the option to use a wider variety of projectile sizes and weights while still having a good range and accuracy, which offers more versatility to the hunter.

How does it shoot? Well, the pouch has a centering hole in the middle (shockingly ) which does just what it's supposed to do. I was quite surprised that it's pretty much point-and-shoot aiming - if the pouch and target are both centered between the fork, that's pretty much where the ball goes. It's more instinctual than rifle shooting, but less instinctive than throwing.

Value for money barely even needs touched on. This is insane value for money, you can get a good quality handmade cattie with top-notch bands already fitted for £20!

Usual disclaimer: No relation to Fish other than a happy customer! Thanks a bunch Fish